DVS Convict Kierin Pack – Orange

by admin on September 7, 2011

Helloooooo blogoshpere! I’m here today to tell all you fellow skaters about my rad new purchase, the DVS Convict Kierin Pack – ORANGE EDITION! These bad boys are super slick. I got them yesterday when I went down to Modern Skate & Surf in Royal Oak, MI and I haven’t taken them off since. They’re also available for purchase from their website, modernskate.com.

Seriously though bros and girlbros, have you ever slept in a pair of shoes? Cause I couldn’t say that until last night. These may just look like a mild mannered pair of sneaks but boy howdy do they fit like a dream. Now, they do offer these in several other color options but I decided on orange. These are the only shoes that allow me to wear the Konvict brand and look like a stylish convict all while not having to commit any real crimes. Although, if shredding mad concrete is a crime then you can call me Al Capone.

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