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Looking for event venues in Royal Oak MI? Modern Skate & Surf offers the best event space for rent–perfect for concerts, business conferences, trade shows and much more. For more information about event space in Royal Oak, call 248.546.7275.

Royal Oak Event Venue Available

Holds Up to 1,000 People

CALL NOW: 248.546.7275

Rent out the Modern Skate and Surf park today for an unforgettable event experience! This event venue in Royal Oak is perfect for your next party, conference or event!

Concert Venue in Royal Oak

Modern Skate and Surf is the perfect place for you to hold your next event. Besides being a top-notch skate park, Modern Skate and Surf can help you throw your next big concert! With a capacity of 1,000 people, you won’t have to worry about space. A huge space with high ceilings, this is the perfect venue! RENT IT HERE! Or call: 248.546.7275

Trade Show Venue in Royal Oak

Are you planning a trade show but can’t find the right venue with enough space? The Modern Skate and Surf skate park  in Royal Oak boasts 80,000 square feet, making it the sixth largest skate park in the U.S.! Bring your trade show here, and be guaranteed enough space! RENT IT HERE! Or call 248.546.7273

Venues for Banquets in Royal Oak

Are you in southeastern Michigan and want to get your business pumped up? Come by Modern Skate and Surf and rent out our venue for an incomparable banquet experience. With plenty of space you’ll be able to give back to all of your employees for all the hard work they’ve done. RENT IT HERE! Or call: 248.546.7275

Event Venues for Parties in Royal Oak

 Whether you’re turning sixteen or sixty, rent out the Modern Skate and Surf skate park for your birthday party. Celebrate your birthday by having and concert, dance party, or whatever else you can think of at Modern Skate and Surf in Royal Oak. RENT IT HERE! Or call: 248.546.7275

Rent Venue for Conferences & Sponsored Events in Royal Oak

At Modern Skate and Surf in Royal Oak you can rent out the skate park for your next big sponsored event. Whether its a conference, release party, or a dodgeball tournament, Modern Skate and Surf has perfect space for your next event in Royal Oak. RENT IT HERE! Or call: 248. 546.7275

This event venue for rent in Royal Oak MI offers great location for concerts and more!!

Located on the corner of 12 Mile and Stephenson Highway

Easy access to I-75